#3: The Newcomers

Plum/White Dress

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I really like this dress! I like the white high collar, I love the plum color, and Emily's hair is beautiful! The little back bow at the neck is charming and the whole dress is VERY petite! The one draw-back is the dark green trimming around the shoulders. I just don't like plum and green!

Brown/Cream Shawl

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I DO NOT like this shawl. It is HUGE, UGLY and makes Emily look lost. However, for the dress underneath it...

(Trivia: A few other characters use this shawl. See here.)

White/Blue Skirt Set

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Normal 5-24,13H48M39S (2)

I love it! Love the white blouse, dark blue skirt, and look at that black belt! SO modern, yet classy. I love the blue bow and hair...everything! Going back to the belt, I actually just saw this a few minutes ago! Awesome!

(Trivia: A few other characters wear the white top. See here.)

Yellow Dress

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This is one of those dresses I can look at and like, then unlike, then like.... Right now I'm in my like mood, I think! Still, I don't think it looks good on Emily. Of the whole outfit, I most like the hat! Look at that thing! Anyway, the color and style is ok....I guess.

(Trivia: Other characters wear this dress. See here.)

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