Again, I am skipping some episodes because there isn't any dresses. And now...106: The Julia Bulette Story

Gold/White Dress

Full Star Blue.svgFull Star Blue.svgFull Star Blue.svg


I like the idea of this dress. I love the gold and back lace. looks terrible on Julia, especially with the low cut. And I HATE the jewelry! I can't figure out what it is! (Trivia: In The Countess and Ponderosa Matador, both women wear this dress. It looks much better on them.)

Red/Plaid Skirt Set

Half Star Blue.svg


I really do not like this dress! I don't like the color (it doesn't look red to me), the hair, jewelry, skirt colors... Even the hat is weird, it is just black netting wrapped around Julia's face!

Lavender Nightdress

Full Star Blue.svgFull Star Blue.svgFull Star Blue.svgFull Star Blue.svgFull Star Blue.svg


I have one word for this dress/nightdress......beautiful. Classic, chic, cute, soft, pretty, and lot more! (Ok, that was more that one word!) This is an interesting dress, because it is a nightdress/gown, but it could be worn as a regular dress to have guests over (like Julia is talking to Ben here, wearing the dress/gown). I love the bows, ribbons, hair, sleeves...everything!

Tan shawl

Half Star Blue.svg


Looks like a feed bag. Sorry! I don't have a pic of the dress under the shawl, but it is a VERY pretty dress. To bad it had to be covered with the feed bag, sorry, shawl...

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