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    Again, I am skipping some episodes because there isn't any dresses. And now...106: The Julia Bulette Story

    I like the idea of this dress. I love the gold and back lace. looks terrible on Julia, especially with the low cut. And I HATE the jewelry! I can't figure out what it is! (Trivia: In The Countess and Ponderosa Matador, both women wear this dress. It looks much better on them.)

    I really do not like this dress! I don't like the color (it doesn't look red to me), the hair, jewelry, skirt colors... Even the hat is weird, it is just black netting wrapped around Julia's face!

    I have one word for this dress/nightdress......beautiful. Classic, chic, cute, soft, pretty, and lot more! (Ok, that was more that one word!) This is an interestin…

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  • MarieCartwright

    #3: The Newcomers

    I really like this dress! I like the white high collar, I love the plum color, and Emily's is charming and the whole dress is VERY petite! The one draw-back is the dark green trimming around the shoulders. I just don't like plum and green!

    I DO NOT like this shawl. It is HUGE, UGLY and makes Emily look lost. However, for the dress underneath it...

    (Trivia: A few other characters use this shawl. See here.)

    I love it! Love the white blouse, dark blue skirt, and look at that black belt! SO modern, yet classy. I love the ...everything! Going back to the belt, I actually just saw this a few minutes ago! Awesome!

    (Trivia: A few other characters wear the white top. See here.)

    This is one of those dresses I can look at and like, …

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  • MarieCartwright

    Since this is the first of many Dress Sessions blogs, I'll better tell you what a Dress Session is!

    1. I love fashion and styles, so I thought, "why not do a blog on the different dresses and fashions in Bonanza?" And that is what this is: a blog dedicated to the styles on Bonanza! At the beginning of each dress post, there will be some stars, that is my rating system. (0 to 5 stars)
    2. Now guys, unless you like looking at dresses and styles and hats, this is probably not a blog for you! :-)
    3. Anyone can comment, say what you honestly think, BUT I will warn you, anything bad (like swear words or such) WILL be taken down!

    Now for the first Session episode (drum roll, please!)....#1: A Rose for Lotta!


    Overall, I don't like this outfit.…

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