#5: Enter Mark Twain

Dark green velvet dress

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As I said previously, I do not like this dress. And I like it even less on Minnie Billington then I did Lotta Crabtree! On Lotta, at least the colors matched. Lotta had dark brown hair and the dress is dark green. With Minnie, she has almost bleached bright hair and it just doesn't go with the dark color... As for the hat, well, let me put it this way: if you turned it upside-down, it would make a wonderful duster!

(Trivia: Another character wears this dress. See here.)

Pink nightgown

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Now, this I like! It's long, flow-y, great color, and I like it! Look at the long bow and sleeves! Mwaa! The only drawback is the collar. It is two heavy and big for such soft dress.

Teal dress

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WoreWoreItBest10 - Copy

This dress puzzles me. Not that I don't like it; I think it is very pretty and a fine dress. But it doesn't look right on Minnie. Someone younger would look much better in it. The only thing I don't like at all is the big circular neckline. It is to big and doesn't fit the dress. But that aside, it is very lovely, just not on Minnie!

(Trivia: Someone younger DOES wear it! See here.)

Brown shawl

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Normal 0023~18

Poor Rosemary Lawson! She has so many things happening to her in this episode, and on top of all that, she has to wear this! Ug!

(Trivia: Other characters wear THIS. See here.)

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