"Bonanza" episode
Season 4, Episode 6
#106 in Series
Air date October 29, 1962
Guest starring:
Written by Frank Cleaver
Directed by Don McDougall
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Adam takes shelter from a storm in a way station run by elderly Jesse and his granddaughter Marty. Also coming in from the elements is a fugitive murderer Luke Martin. The young woman is fascinated by the killer, so Adam intervenes and orders Luke to leave her alone. Luke leaves, but soon returns and proves how dangerous he is.


Caught by a dust-storm, Adam stops at a stagecoach way station for the night. There he finds an aging stationmaster and his beautiful granddaughter. She yearns to escape from the limitations of her life with her beloved but overprotective grandfather at the remote way station.

Luke, a gambler on the run from a posse for murder, seeks shelter from the storm. A stagecoach arrives, with a driver and two passengers who also seek shelter for the night. Luke soon takes them all prisoner, but after a night of tension and trouble, Adam is able to overpower him and deliver him to the posse. Adam finds an unexpected assist from Luke as he helps the stationmaster and his granddaughter find their way to a new life.

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  • German episode title: "Die einsame Station", meaning "The Secluded Station".


"Anybody...stranger or not...deserves help when they're walking into trouble."
Adam Cartwright[src]



Bonanza The Way Station

Bonanza The Way Station

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