"Bonanza" episode
Season 5, Episode 5
#139 in Series
Air date October 20, 1963
Guest starring:
Written by Warren Douglas
Directed by Tay Garnett
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Though he's a talented painter, James Callahan has problems. He's a drunk, and a social outcast because he's married to a Paiute woman. Adam does his best to get James out of his self-destructive funk and also has to fight off an Indian-hating ne'er-do-well named McDermott.


Adam follows a lost herd of Ponderosa cattle to a town where McDermott is the boss. McDermott hates and oppresses the Paiute Indians in the area. Adam meets James Callahan, a talented but alcoholic who is artist married to a beautiful Paiute Indian woman.

McDermott has been buying Callahan's paintings in exchange for meager provisions for the impoverished Paiute. Adam encourages Callahan, his wife, and a sympathetic saloonkeeper, to develop a plan to let President Lincoln know of the plight of the Paiute. McDermott learns of the plan and a confrontation is inevitable.

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  • German episode title: "Der Indianerfreund", meaning "Indian's Friend".


"Well, I got up there... riding on that hot dusty road with that terrible wind blowing in my face... And what have you fellows been doing?"
"Oh nothing, just working on sweated over that fire there and fixing waggon wheels, that's all"
"You're lucky, believe me... is much better than riding on those hot dusty roads with that terrible wind blowing in your't me let me interrupt with your work...I think this gonna sit down some minutes before I go into the house and rest up.
Adam and Hoss[src]
"I think, at least that's what we can do for our brother Adam... Such a sweet guy... works so hard...just works himself to death."
Little Joe answer to Hoss' suggestion to prepare a "cool bath" for Adam[src]
"What are you doing there, Hoss?"
"I was thirsty, Pa, what else?
Ben to Hoss after Hoss fell into the drinking trogh[src]
"No hard feelings"
"No hard feelings.
Adam offers his hand to make up with Hoss and in return Hoss takes it and forces Adam to take a "cool bath" in the drinking trogh[src]



Bonanza The Toy Soldier

Bonanza The Toy Soldier

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