"Bonanza" episode
Season 10, Episode 10
#313 in Series
Air date 17th November 1968
Guest starring:
Written by Michael Fessier
Directed by Leon Benson
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Summary Edit

Plot Edit

The final installment of the Rossi family. Georgio Rossi is confused why he cannot let Indians who have left the reservation stay on his land.

Cast Edit

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Recurring Edit

Others Edit

  • Jack Kruschen: Giorgio Rossi
  • Brioni Farrell: Regina Rossi
  • Penny Santon: Maria Rossi
  • Michael Stefani: Lorenzo
  • Byron Morrow: Sam kettle
  • Mark Tapscott: Sabin
  • Joaquin Martinez: Red Sky
  • Debra Domasin: Indian Girl
  • Pete Hernandez: Lame Dog