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"Bonanza" episode
Season 6, Episode 14
Ep.# in Series: 182
Air date December 27, 1964
Guest starring:
Written by Warren Douglas
Directed by William Witney
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A Knight to Remember
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The Flapjack Contest
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Charlie is an old Indian with only two friends: Ben and a young girl named Angela. Angela disappears and the townspeople who've always looked down on Charlie accuse him of killing the child.


Except for the Cartwrights and a little girl, Squaw Charlie has no friends and just because he's an Indian.

When she goes missing the whole town wants his blood even though all the evidence against him is purely circumstantial.

Cast and CharactersEdit

The Cartwrights



Did you know?Edit

  • This episode was never shown on German television. It's available as part of the Sixth Season DVD box.




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