"Bonanza" episode
Season 2, Episode 36
# in Series
Air date October 1, 1960
Guest starring:
Written by Halsted Welles
Directed by John Rich
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The Cartwrights construct a grist mill to help neighbor Tom Edwards, a disabled man who bitterly blames Ben for his condition. Tom is being manipulated by hired hand Ezekiel, who's not only cheating him out of his money, but also intends to steal his wife.


The Cartwrights' neighbor Tom Edwards has lived as a paraplegic, ever since an accident involving Ben Cartwright and a gun. His ranch is going to waste. His wife Joyce is a longtime friend of Ben, and Ben decides to help the Edwards couple by making Tom a business proposition: the Cartwrights will build a grain mill on Edwards' land.

In return, Ben only wants his investment money back, plus fifteen percent. Tom and his hired hand Ezekiel are suspicious of Ben, but Tom agrees to the deal. The Cartwright men build the mill, but tension begins to rise when Ezekiel makes comments which rekindle Tom's suspicion.


The Cartwrights




Did you know?Edit

  • German episode title: "Der Knecht", meaning "The Servant".
  • In the opening credits, the "Special Guest Stars" are listed over a shot of the shore of Lake Tahoe. It's the only time during the series' run that this is done.


  • In the fight scene near the end between Ezekiel and Ben, a tear can be plainly seen on the left buttock of the pants that Claude Akins is wearing. Towards the end of the fight the tear disappears.


"Three fine sons. They could be half your life."
"Only half?"
"Sons can't be everything.
Ben and Joyce Edwards[src]



Bonanza The Mill

Bonanza The Mill

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