"Bonanza" episode
Season 3, Episode 32
Ep.# in Series: 98
Air date May 6, 1962
Guest starring:
Written by E. M. Parsons

George Stackalee

Directed by William Witney
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Adam has a day and a half to deliver a large bank draft. He is ambushed by an escaped convict. When he is mistaken for one of the escapees by the posse, Adam is hard pressed to prove his identity. All they want to do is hang him.


Adam races to the town of Bowline for an urgent business transaction. On the way, he's ambushed by an escapee named Poindexter who forces him to trade clothes.

Later, the posse looking for Poindexter comes across Adam and takes him in. Posse leader Trace knows he has the wrong man, but isn't concerned about seeing Adam hang in error.

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Bonanza The Long Night00:00

Bonanza The Long Night

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