"Bonanza" episode
“The Last Haircut”
Season 4, Episode 19
#119 in Series
Air date February 3, 1963
Guest starring: Alex Montoya
Betty Endicott
Bill Clark
Chubby Johnson
Howard Wendell
Jered Barclay
Joe Higgins
John Archer
John Harmon
Martha Manor
Perry Lopez
Rafael López
Rex Holman
Shelby Grant
Willis Bouchey
Written by Charles Lang
Directed by William F. Claxton
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Little Joe finds himself at the scene of a murder, and befriends the victim's vengeance-minded son.


Three rough men enter a barber shop, where one of them finds a pretext to kill a man. Little Joe is on the scene, and befriends the murdered man's son, Paco. The murderer is arrested and brought to trial.

However, despite eye-witness testimony, a slick lawyer convinces the jury to return a verdict of "Not Guilty". Little Joe is enraged at the failure of the justice system. He joins Paco in seeking vengeance against the freed murderer. Ben helps Joe decide how best to respond to injustice, and how best to help Paco find a new life without his father.

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  • German episode title: "Tod beim Barbier", meaning "Death at the Barber's".
  • In the barber shop scene, the old man says, "better get outta' that chair Little Joe, before he kills ya'". Duke replies, " are getting out of that little chair, aren't you?". Presumably, Duke's specific reply was in error (ie; little chair as opposed to Little Joe), but either the directors didn't immediately catch the mistake, OR,...since none of the actors broke character, they opted to simply keep the misspoken line, regardless.


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Bonanza The Last Haircut

Bonanza The Last Haircut

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