"Bonanza" episode
Season 3, Episode 10
Ep.# in Series: 76
Air date November 26, 1961
Guest starring:
Written by Frank Chase
Directed by Don McDougall
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The Cartwrights hope that time and therapy will get bronc breaker, Johnny Lightly, back in the saddle after a bad fall. But Johnny soon faces thinly veiled hostility from the young nurse sent to help him, threats from a rancher who blames Ben Cartwright for his family's calamities, and a growing fear that he may never walk again.


Johnny Lightly is thrown off a horse he's breaking at the Ponderosa and suffers a serious injury. He loses the use of his legs though Dr. Kay thinks the paralysis is only temporary.

Johnny loses the will to live, despite the hopeful prognosis. His recovery rides on the doctor's assistant, Ann, who Johnny's grown fond of.


The Cartwrights



Did you know?Edit

  • German episode title: "Eine Chance für Johnny", meaning "A Chance For Johnny".




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Bonanza The Horse Breaker

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