"Bonanza" episode
“The Hayburner”
Season 4, Episode 21
088 - The Hayburner
When Hoss and Adam purchase a racehorse, their plan didn't include Hoss putting the horse up as security during a poker game--and losing it in "The Hayburner" in Season 4 (ep.#21).
Ep.# in Series: 121
Air date February 17, 1963
Guest starring: Paul Bryar
Bill Clark
Ellen Corby
William Demarest
Al Haskell
Percy Helton
Bing Russell
Jack Tornek
Howard Wright
Written by Alex Sharp
Directed by William F. Claxton
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Unlucky Hoss loses his valuable Kentucky thoroughbred racehorse Tobias in a poker game then schemes with his brother Adam to buy it back before the end-of-the-month entry deadline for the Virginia City Sweepstakes race.


When Hoss and Adam purchase a racehorse, their plan didn't include Hoss putting the horse up as security during a poker game--and losing it. They get Joe involved to pay off the horse, and he has a plan of his own.

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Did you know?Edit

  • German episode title: "Little Joe setzt auf Sieg", meaning "Little Joe Backs a Horse to Win".
  • This was Pernell Robert's favourite comedy episode.


  • During the race outside of town, a radio tower can be seen on top of a mountain in the background.


"My Pa did not put me up to this. I put me up to this."
Little Joe[src]
"It's a shame that a boy does a man's job."
"I think this boy can maybe manage it, huh?
Adam talking to Ben about Little Joe[src]
"Now, I may have a couple of thoughts, but when it comes to judging horses there is no-one else in this territory better than me. This horse is a winner"
Adam tries to persuade Little Joe[src]
"You know, that we are only half-brothers, but we are brothers. Agree?""
Adam to his brothers[src]
"Our young brother here wants security for 160 Dollars... So, let's give it to him""
Adam to his brothers[src]
"I'm surprised your Pa let your boys get next doubling."
"Well, actually he hasn't had a chance to say anything to it, yet"
"Now, that's what comes when men living without a woman around...
Cora and Adam[src]
"Intend to cut cattle or do some rope in with this giraffe?!"
Ben about the racehorse Tobias[src]
"Now, just one more little favour; let's keep this kind of a secret from Cora, I mean, you... you know how she feels about racing"
"Don't you worry about... it's, Mr. Milford, it's one thing you and I understand it's women"
Enos and Joe[src]



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Bonanza The Hayburner

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