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"Bonanza" episode
Season 4, Episode 1
Ep.# in Series: 101
Air date September 23, 1962
Guest starring:
Written by George W. George

Judy George

Directed by Don McDougall
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The Miracle Maker
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The Quest
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Clay Stafford just arrived in Virginia City but already seems to know who Joe and the Cartwrights are. When he gets a job on their ranch as a cowhand, his past is revealed and hopes it will not affect his new relationship with them, especially Joe.


Clay Stafford comes to Virginia City and signs on as a ranch hand at the Ponderosa. In short order, he kills a man, claiming self defense, and is told to leave town by the miners who send a message by beating up Joe.

Most importantly, Clay drops a major bombshell: he says he's Little Joe's older half-brother and Marie was also his mother. Ben and Joe believe the story, but the other two brothers want to investigate Clay's unusual claim.


The Cartwrights





"Little Joe, you worry too much. What you need is a beer to help you relax!"
Clay Stafford[src]



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