"Bonanza" episode
Season 4, Episode 5
Ep.# in Series: 105
Air date October 21, 1962
Guest starring:
Written by Norman Lessing
Directed by William Witney
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Colonel Edward J. Dunwoody arrives in search of an Army deserter--his own son--who's a well-liked neighbor of the Cartwrights. The Shoshones are planning revenge against Dunwoody, who was the mastermind behind the massacre of an Indian village.


An Indian-hating officer, Colonel Edward J. Dunwoody, comes to the Ponderosa looking for army deserter Bill Winters, who is a good friend of the Cartwrights. Bill happens to be his son and is married to an Indian.

It seemed Bill deserted when he was ordered to massacre the Shoshone, by poisoning their food and water, genocide. The Shoshone find out and abduct Bill's father.

Cast and CharactersEdit

The Cartwrights



Did you know?Edit

  • This episode was never shown on German television.




Bonanza The Deserter00:00

Bonanza The Deserter

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