"Bonanza" episode
Season 3, Episode 28
#94 in Series
Air date April 8, 1962
Guest starring:
Written by John T. Dugan
Directed by Paul Nickell
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Adam retreats to the wilderness for some peace following an exhausting cattle drive. There's no relaxing as he's robbed and left to die by a couple of outlaws.

Attempting to make the dangerous trip to Signal Rock on foot, he meets a crazy prospector, Peter Kane. In exchange for helping him work his claim, Kane promises Adam his mule. Kane does not fulfill his promise.


After being robbed in the desert, Adam stumbles onto a seemingly chivalrous prospector named Peter Kane, who offers him a mule and supplies for three days work.

However, Kane is a demented madman who is interested in psychological torture, hoping to drive a seemingly rational man like Adam to murder. As Ben, Hoss and Little Joe try to retrace the missing Adam's footsteps, Adam must rely on his own wits to defeat Kane.

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The Cartwrights



Did you know?Edit

  • German episode title: "Adam geht durch die Hölle", meaning "Adam Goes Through Hell".
  • This episode was one of Pernell Roberts' personal favorites, as it gave him the best opportunity to showcase his acting abilities.


  • You can see that Michael Landon is wearing a bathing suit in the bath scene.


"Well, I can never be in Obadiah's shoes, because nobody can ever drive me to murder - with one exception..."
"Well, who is that?"
Adam to Little Joe[src]
"The great Ponderosa... oh yes, I've heard of it, as indeed who hasn't?!"
Peter Kane to Adam when they first met
"Why didn't you use the rifle, Cartwright? [...]"
"I don't want to kill you, Kane, I just want to get away from you!"
"You can't escape me, Cartwright, or yourself!
Kane to Adam after Adam's attempt to escape[src]
"Who is the animal, now?
"You're pretty good in judging things, Cartwright. I claim the same for myself. Inspite of your vanities of being a Cartwright I'm as good a man as you. In fact, I'm gonna prove that I'm a better man.
Adam to Kane after Adam's attempt to escape[src]
"I'm not gonna kill you, Cartwright. I have other plans."
Kane answers Adam's request, why he didn't simply kill him instead.[src]
"Are you still so sure about yourself, Mr. Cartwright? Don't you wanna kill me, yet?"
Kane after Adam's first collapse[src]
"I claim that you can be driven to kill like anyone else... I give you a fair chance to kill or be killed."
Kane finally reveals what is the "game" about[src]
"He has been through some kind of hell."
Little Joe to his family members when they find Adam almost dead in the desert.[src]



Bonanza The Crucible

Bonanza The Crucible

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