"Bonanza" episode
“The Actress”
Season 4, Episode 22
#122 in Series
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Air date February 24, 1963
Guest starring: Betty Endicott
Bob Miles
Herman Hack
Jack Tornek
Joey Scott
John Rodney
Lester Matthews
Martha Manor
Pat Crowley
Robert F. Hoy
Robert Stevenson
Sam Harris
Written by Norman Lessing
Directed by Christian Nyby
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Joe falls in love with aspiring actress Julia Grant, a young woman with more ambition than talent. He promises Julia that he'll help her with her career, so he seeks advice from the greatest actor of their time: Edwin Booth, who's performing in Virginia City.


Little Joe meets a beautiful woman who tells her of her dreams of becoming an actress. She is a widow with a young son, and Little Joe is drawn by both sympathy and attraction to help her. He arranges a job for her as a singer in high-class saloon.

Her first performance is a success, but the attention of male customers piques Joe's jealousy, and a brawl ensues.

Despite this and other setbacks, Joe falls in love with her. However, he finds that he must find a way to deal with his feelings when confronted by her success on the stage.

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  • German episode title: "Little Joe verliebt sich", meaning "Little Joe Falls in Love".




Bonanza The Actress

Bonanza The Actress

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