Tessa Caldwell is accidentally blinded by Little Joe with his gun. In Contrary of both her father and her brother she doesn't blame Little Joe for the accident. She resists her father's schemes to exploit the Cartwrights right from the beginning and declares that she will only marry a man she truly loves.

Little Joe has a guilty conscience so that he takes care of Tessa; he even wants to marry her. Everything changes when Tessa is able to see again. Her father persuades her to fake her blindness until the wedding. Ben discovers her recovery, but keeps silent. On the wedding day he talks to Tessa and discreetly appeals to her conscience. Tessa suddenly runs away during the wedding ceremony. Later she tells Joe that she doesn't love him enough to marry him.

Tessa Caldwell
Biographical information
Full Name: Tessa cal Callie Caldwell
Occupation: Rancher
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: American
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Family/Relatives: Marcus Caldwell (father)

Lon Caldwell (brother)

Romances/Domestic Partners: Little Joe Cartwright
First Episode: Bullet for a Bride
Last Episode: Bullet for a Bride
Portrayed by: Marlyn Mason




Gallery of Tessa Caldwell

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