"Bonanza" episode
Season 9, Episode 2
#430 in Series
Air date 24th September 1967
Guest starring:
Written by Abe Polsky

Gil Lasky

Directed by William Witney
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Summary Edit

The Army reactivates Ben's army commission and orders him to escort an Indian prisoner who is revered as a demigod. Ben recruits Hoss, Little Joe, and a motley band of volunteers to escort the prisoner while Indians stalk them every step of the way. When several of the soldiers are killed, the tribal chief sees for himself what they have been dying for. Note: No Cartwrights were harmed in the filming of this episode...

This episode marks the introduction of David Canary as "Candy" Canaday.

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Cast Edit

The Cartwrights Edit

Recurring Edit

Others Edit

  • Gene Rutherford: Sergeant Ankers
  • Michael Forest: Wabuska
  • Ron Foster: Steve
  • Richard Hale: Chief Winatka
  • Ben Gage: Deputy
  • John Matthews: Colonel Brill
  • Kip Whitman: Tim Kelly