"Bonanza" episode
Season 13, Episode 16
Ep.# in Series: 405
Air date January 9, 1972
Guest starring:
Written by
Directed by Lewis Allen
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Hoss turns to a clairvoyant named Judith Coleman to help in a search for Jamie, who has gotten lost in the high country. However, Judith is reluctant to help out, fearing that her psychic abilities will ruin her engagement to a minister who opposes her gift as witchcraft.


A woman is blessed with the gift of "second sight", or clairvoyance. Jamie is missing and the Cartwrights would like Judith to use her talent to locate him. Her fiance, a minister, objects to her using her skills.

Cast and CharactersEdit

The Cartwrights Edit




  • German episode title: "Wer findet Jamie?", meaning "Who Finds Jamie?".
  • This episode and The Strange One were put together to form a 1989 TV Special called Bonanza: The Movie which aired on cable's USA Network.

Film negative format (mm/video inches)Edit

35 mm

Printed film formatEdit

35 mm

Aspect ratioEdit

1.33 : 1




Second Sight (1) - Bonanza11:38

Second Sight (1) - Bonanza

Second Sight - Part 1

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