Roy Coffee
Biographical information
Full Name: Royal Coffee
Occupation: Sheriff
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: American
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Gray
Spouse Mary Coffee
Romances/Domestic Partners:
Children:  ????
Appeared on: Bonanza
First Episode: "Showdown" (Season 2)
Last Episode: "One Ace Too Many" (Season 13 finale)
Portrayed by: Ray Teal

Sheriff Royal "Roy" Coffee was a recurring character who appeared in a total of 98 episodes of the NBC-TV series Bonanza, first appearing in the Season 2 episode "Showdown". The part of Sheriff Coffee was played on the series by veteran TV/film actor Ray Teal.

About RoyEdit

Roy Coffee is the sheriff of Virginia City. He's been there since before a lot of its residents were even born and is a friend to the Cartwrights. Roy has proven time and again that his experience and know-how are a lot better than just being quick on the draw when having to deal with cunning criminals. Roy always puts his job before his friendships, even his friendship with the Cartwrights. An interesting note about Roy is that he has never actually shot anyone.


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