"Bonanza" episode
Season 5, Episode 3
Ep.# in Series: 137
Air date October 6, 1963
Guest starring:
Written by Robert Vincent Wright
Directed by Lewis Allen
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Virginia City is parched, but rainmaker Tulsa Weems will only practice his craft when he needs medical care for his daughter, Mary Beth. While Tulsa is cooling his heels in jail after threatening Ben with a gun, Hoss looks after the little girl; he doesn't know that Mary Beth is a carrier of typhoid fever.


The territory is suffering from a drought. Tulsa Weems, a rainmaker from the Tennessee hill country, comes to help. Tulsa brings his impoverished family and sick daughter with him.

Ben refuses to pay for something he doesn't believe will work, but offers to help Tulsa and his family. Tulsa refuses, saying "hill people don't take charity." Ben finds that Tulsa's daughter has typhoid fever, and the doctor is away.

The Cartwrights must find a way to help a family that doesn't want "charity." Tulsa in turn resolves to bring rain to end the drought, and finds in his faith a way forward in his time of trial.

Cast and CharactersEdit

The Cartwrights




Did you know?Edit

  • German episode title: "Der Regenmacher", meaning "The Rainmaker".




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