"Bonanza" episode
Season 8, Episode 16
Ep.# in Series: 251
Air date 1 Jan. 1967
Guest starring:
Written by  Alex Sharp
Directed by William F. Claxton
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Brothers Hoss and Little Joe are sweet-talked by a pair of con men into "investing" in a pair of "exotic" animals who are indeed prolific--they're common rabbits.


Joe and Hoss buy a couple of bunnies and scheme to make a mint selling rabbit skins. The softies, however, are unable to kill the cute little creatures, which are multiplying at a furious rate. Ben watches as his entrepreneur sons get knee-deep in rabbits.

Cast and CharactersEdit


Guest StarsEdit


  • Ben's birthday occurs during the course of events in this episode.
  • Joe can speak Chinese.
  • German episode title: "Das ganz große Geschäft", meaning "The Big Deal".


  • Hoss: Joe, dadburnit, can't you do nothin' slow and easy-like?
  • Hop Sing: Little Joe. Mr. Hoss. Me not want rabbit get away. Save you two dolla'.

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