Joanie Jamie jolly mollie terry
Jillian says You better stay away from him and he is mine and I will kill you for kissing my man if I you again I will fight you wicked girl you don't need him I do love him so much he always love me and you will not borrow him I'm gonna marry him and you will always have my other brother Adam you can have Adam Not joe he's my so step off or I will beat you up with my fury that Means my fist get away from him or I will cut you your hopeless and stupid and a devil he will not be your man he will never have marry you ever you wanna get married marry my brother Adam he's yours keep him and love him for my sake nobody wants a mangy little girl like you and your being mean and awful and dumb so back off I hate you and nobody wants you and every body hate the whole town hates you get the hell my ranch and stay away from him and I will marry joe he is my man and you will never be here ever again you will not kiss him again I will hit you get out of my property get out get outta here please leave me and joe alone please just leave I'm pregnant and joe is the father and quess want joe and I are married and he is my husband and I want to have children I want set of Twins of 6 boys and girls with Down syndrome and I want you out I hope you die alone forever and please don't brother please go
Biographical information
Full Name: Joanie Jamie jolly mollie terry
Occupation: Journalists and history teacher and deputy and saloon girl
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Africa American
Hair color: Dark chocolate
Eye color: Jet black
Born: 1345
Died: Killled shot by Jillian Cartwright
Family/Relatives: Grandmother and grandfather 11 brothers and sisters
Spouse Adam Cartwright
Romances/Domestic Partners: Adam Cartwright
Children: 5 boys and girls twins
Appeared on:
First Episode: The War Comes to Washoe
Last Episode: The War Comes to Washoe
Portrayed by: Joyce Taylor




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