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Marie Cartwright
Biographical information
Full Name Marie Cartwright
Gender Female
Race French/American
Hair color Blond
Eye color Brown
Died after falling off a horse
Family Father, hung for being a pirate at 82


Spouse Ben Cartwright (second husband)
Romances Ben Cartwright
Children Clay Stafford

Little Joe Cartwright
Adam Cartwright (step-son)
Hoss Cartwright (step-son)

First Episode A Rose for Lotta (mentioned)
Last Episode Marie, My Love
Portrayed by Felicia Farr

Marie Cartwright was the third and final wife of Ben Cartwright and mother to Little Joe.


Marie had been married once before to a man whose family disliked her. Ben Cartwright first became acquainted with Marie when he came to announce the news about her dead husband, who had divorced her after a plotted scandal and left New Orleans. After being told that her son from her ex-husband had died in childbirth, Marie fell in love with Ben, and married him shortly after Ben exposed her cousin's involvement in her disgrace. She went back with him to be a mother to Ben's two boys. Marie gave birth to her only son by Ben, Joseph Cartwright, who was five years old when she died in a horse accident.

Marie's firstborn didn't die, she was told this so she wouldn't pursue her son. He was taken away by her wicked stepmother and was raised without Marie's influence. Her firstborn son later resurfaced when he found Joe and told him who he was. His name was Clay Stafford.



Gallery of Marie Cartwright

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