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Little House on the Prairie



Family Drama -

Created by

Blanche Hanalis

Michael Landon -

Starring Michael Landon

Melissa Sue Anderson

Melissa Gilbert

Karen Grassle -

No. of seasons

9 -

No. of episodes

203 (+ 5 specials) -

Running time 45 - 48 minutes


Original run September 11, 1974 – March 21, 1983


Preceded by Bonanza


Followed by Highway to Heaven

Little House on the Prairie is a hour-long dramatic television series based on the best-selling book series written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It originally aired on NBC from September 11, 1974, to May 10, 1982.



Micheal Landon and Dirk Blocker on set of Little House.



This is a list of episodes very similar to one another. Michael Landon directed many of these.

Bonanza Little House
Joe Cartwright, Detective The Creeper of Walnut Grove
A Dream To Dream Someone Please Love Me
It's A Small World Little Lou
A Matter Of Circumstance A Matter of Faith
He Was Only Seven He Was Only Twelve
The Younger Brothers' Younger Brother The Older Brothers
The Sound of Sadness The Silent Cry


The series theme song for Little House was written and conducted by David Rose. The ending theme music, also written by Rose, originally appeared as a piece of incidental music in a later-season episode of Bonanza.