Jamie Cartwright
Biographical information
Full Name: Jamison Hunter Cartwright
Occupation: Ranch hand
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: American
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Family/Relatives: Ben Cartwright (father)

Adam Cartwright (brother)
Hoss Cartwright (brother)
Joseph Cartwright (brother)

Romances/Domestic Partners:
Appeared on:
First Episode: A Matter of Faith
Last Episode: The Hunter
Portrayed by: Mitch Vogel

Jamie Hunter (later Jamie Cartwright) was the adopted son of Ben Cartwright.

Early life and travelEdit

Jamie Hunter was the son of a rainmaker, who traveled to shows around the southwestern United States selling his wares. He visits Virginia City, Nevada to end a drought. In a back-story related by the show's characters, the elder Hunter's customers (i.e. the townpeople in Virginia City) became skeptical about his abilities, and become angry with him. This brings about his health problems and eventually his death.

Becoming a CartwrightEdit

Jamie is trying to follow in his father's footsteps. He and his friend, Dusty Rhoades, travel to Virginia City to help relieve another severe drought. The same people that become angry with Jamie's father before are now upset again when Jamie's abilities are not immediately fruitful.

Ben Cartwright takes pity on the boy and allows him to build a rain tower on the Ponderosa. The town people become angry with Ben too and storm Jamie's camp, burning his father's book. Eventually, it rains.

Ben recognizes that Jamie is now an orphan, and invites him to remain on the Ponderosa. Jamie accepts Ben's offer.

In a 1971 episode, Ben legally adopts Jamie, and he takes the surname "Cartwright."


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