Hoss Cartwright
Hi hoss
Biographical information
Full Name: Hoss terry ingalls Eric Cartwright
Occupation: rancher and wrestler and boxer
Gender: male
Race/Ethnicity: American
Hair color: Sandy brown
Eye color: Blue
Born: 1836
Died: Alive
Family/Relatives: Ben Cartwright (father)

Inger Cartwright (mother)
Adam Cartwright (brother)
jillian m.cartwright ( sister)sis Little Joe Cartwright (brother)
Gunner Brogstrom (uncle)

Spouse Amy bishop
Romances/Domestic Partners: Amy bishop
Children: 7 boys and girls
First Episode: A Rose for Lotta (Bonanza)
Last Episode: One Ace Too Many (Bonanza)<br
Portrayed by: Dan Blocker

Eric "Hoss" Cartwright may be intimidating to anyone who first sets eyes on him, but the expression "a gentle giant" applies perfectly to his case. Hoss, when one digs down deep to know him, is loveable and gentle, and for this reason his younger brother, Joe, always pulls him into crazy schemes that does more harm than good. He loves beautiful things and horses. Women of the town always look past him at Adam or Joe, but those who find time to love a giant will find a jewel so rare it will surprise them greatly.


See Appearances by Hoss Cartwrightwith Walter.


Gallery of Hoss Cartwright

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