Hop Sing
Biographical information
Full Name: Hop Sing
Occupation: Cook
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Chinese
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Family/Relatives: Hop Ling (father)
Romances/Domestic Partners:
First Episode: A Rose for Lotta (Bonanza)

Pilot: Part 1 (Ponderosa)

Last Episode: The Marriage of Theodora Duffy (Bonanza)

Fugitive (Ponderosa)

Portrayed by: Victor Sen Yung

Gareth Yuen

Hop Sing is the Cartwrights' happy-go-lucky cook, whose blood pressure rises when the family comes late for dinner.


Hop Sing was an influential character to the Cartwright household. The Cartwrights considered him more family than employee, with Hoss virtually in tears when he threatened to resign after an argument with Ben.

Several occasions show Hop Sing's commitment to the family equally strong; he willingly held a captured assassin prisoner while the Cartwrights sought his employer. Ben ordered the criminal shot if he and the boys did not return before sunset...with Hop Sing only happy to oblige.

In one episode Ben asks Hop Sing if he remembers the times there laughter in the family home when Marie was alive, indicating Hop Sing has been with the family a long time


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