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"Bonanza" episode
Season 14, Episode 2
Ep.# in Series: 417
Air date September 19, 1972
Guest starring:
Written by Don Ingalls
Directed by Nicholas Webster
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Ben helps ex-convict John Dundee re-adjust to society. However, Dundee's boorish attitude complicates matters, and it may have to do with his former business partners framing him for a crime he didn't commit.


Ex-con John Dundee is being released from prison and Ben tries to help his old friend readjust to society. John's only interest, however, is revenge on those who sent him to prison, namely, his ex-business partners Anders, Bartlett and Sangster. Worse, the bad three are friends with a corrupt lawman and are hatching a plan to send John back to prison, this time, for murder.

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  • German episode title: "John Dundee, der wilde Stier", meaning "John Dundee, the Raging Bull".
  • The majority of filming was done on location at Sonora.



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