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Season 7, Episode 24
Episode 226
Air date March 6, 1966
Written by Mort Thaw

Lee Pickett

Directed by R. G. Springsteen
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Ben is falling for Claire Amory, but her brother makes their future is questionable. Carl is a cruel and manipulative invalid who milks his health problems for all they're worth.


The Cartrights have some new neighbors, Carl Armory and his sister Claire. Carl's not in good shape medically as his lungs were damaged from smoke as a child that took his parents' lives. He also has a gambling and scheming problem which his sister feels she has to keep paying for. Ben also has had an injury in his eye for which he has an eye patch. He explains it as having a hunting accident where a cartridge exploded while still in the gun chamber.

With Carl's encouragement, Claire meets with Ben and love is in the air.

Joe and Hoss are busy repairing the neighbors house with Laurel-and-Hardy-like comedy results. Clearing the chimney leaves the boys with soot to wash out of their eyes while talking about their father and whether his pre-occupation with Claire is love.

Claire is convinced that Carl is up to another of his schemes to swindle Ben out of money as they are broke and need money to get to warmer climate. Claire has to decide if she's going to continue to be 'her brother's keeper' or if she can finally have a dream and build a 'castle' and a future of her own.

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  • German episode title: "Bruder und Schwester", meaning "Brother And Sister".
  • Ben Cartwright wears an eye-patch in this episode because of a real-life injury to Lorne Greene.




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