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Epifanio Lopez
Biographical information
Full Name Epifanio Lopez
Occupation -
Gender Male
Race Spanish
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Born -
Died -
Family Valiente Lopez (father)

Esmerelda Lopez (mother)

Spouse -
Romances -
Children -
First Episode El Toro Grande
Last Episode El Toro Grande
Portrayed by Alan Roberts

Personal Information Edit

Epifanio is a well meaning boy who misunderstands a conversation between the Cartwrights and the owners of El Toro Grande. He takes the bull and runs away with it thinking that he's being bought to be eaten.

He manages to attract a bear as well as the local Indians on his travels to save the bull.

When he realises the true intentions for the bull (to be married off with a bunch of cows) so he gladly helps escort the bull back to the Ponderosa and manages to emotionally blackmail Ben Cartwright into hiring his parents to help on the ranch since it wouldn't be right to separate a child from his parents.



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