"Bonanza" episode
Season 10, Episode 1
#304 in Series
Air date 15 September 1968
Guest starring:
Written by Suzanne Clauser
Directed by Leon Benson
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To stop an unscrupulous logging company run by a man named Milburn. Little Joe attempts to claim some land not yet touched by him but when he arrives he's shot at by an elderly lady who lives there. Little Joe tries to get her to claim the land but she thinks he's there to claim it for himself.

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Cast Edit

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Recurring Edit

Others Edit

  • Irene Tedrow: Kerri Pickett
  • John Randolph: Doctor Beldan
  • Herbert Voland: Jason Milburn
  • G D Spradlin: Jenks
  • George Murdock: Marks
  • John L Wheeler: Bartender