"Bonanza" episode
Season 13, Episode 19
Ep.# in Series: 408
Air date February 6, 1972
Guest starring:
Written by Joseph Bonaduce
Directed by Joseph Pevney
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In a satirical look at unusual, silly laws and customs, Joe and Hoss try to explain to their skeptical father why their delivery run to Agua Santos, Mexico took so long. An unimpressed Ben listens as his sons explain their story, which all started when Joe forgot to take his hat off in church and was exasperated when Hoss ran into trouble trying to bail his younger brother out of jail.


In a comic episode, Joe and Hoss visit the small Mexican town of Agua Santos where they enforce some peculiar laws. Even the most mundane things get you tossed in jail, as the Cartwrights soon discover. Hoss wants to get out of jail as quickly as possible, but Joe's in no hurry. He's being spoiled by a bevy of senoritas who cater to his every whim.

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See Customs of the Country/videos

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