Places mentioned in Bonanza episodes (contributed by jfclover):

Skobey Flats              Flat River                   Gold Hill                      Paiute Falls

Oak Draw                   Eastgate                     Salt Flats                    Buckhorn Flats

Montpelier Gorge      Washoe Bluffs           Salt Springs               Juniper Creek Station

Rockingchair               Mason City                 Sawtooth Ridge           Tucker Falls Butte

Buckhorn Meadow      Spotswood                 Salt Creek                  Cedar Creek

Cotterville                  Mud Creek                 Geiger Road               Silver Springs

Dutchman’s Flats       Scottsburg                 Cottonwood                Silver Hills

Crescent City             Pine City                     Crown Canyon             Lake’s Crossing

Indian Wells                Tonopah                    Genoa                         Warbonnet Station

Virginia City               Carson City                Reno                            Placerville


Coulter’s Corner

Apache Flats

Crescent City

Crescent Falls

Crescent Mountain

Salt Creek

Willow Bend

Mason City

Yankee Meadows

Black River

North Fork of the Little Beaver

Real places, and distances from the Ponderosa (contributed by Southplains):

Oak Draw, Utah – 664 miles east

Buckhorn Meadow – there is a Buckhorn Mine 66 miles north

Dutchman’s Flat  - several—closest is 292 miles west

Crescent City – 432 miles northwest

Flat River – there is a Flat Creek 493 miles northeast

Eastgate – 140 miles east

Mud Creek 284 miles north

Tonopah – 278 miles southeast

Carson City – 26 miles southeast

Gold Hill – 39 miles east

Salt Flat – 90 miles west (Also three more a bit further west. Since Eastgate was east, not sure how these towns tied in together.

Salt Spring – 100 miles south. Also a Salt Springs 78 miles north.

Sawtooth Ridge – 476 miles north, but there are two Sawtooth Mountains, one 245 miles northeast, and one 355 miles southeast.

Salt Creek – 111 miles east

Geiger Road (Summit) – 35 miles northeast

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