"Bonanza" episode
Season 2, Episode 41
Ep.# in Series:
Air date November 5, 1960
Guest starring:
Written by David Lang
Directed by John Florea
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The Abduction
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The Last Viking
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Dolly Kincaid so feed up with her extremely dominant, controlling, sheriff father, that she runs away with her boyfriend. She later finds out he is the leader of some murderous bank robbers and when they kidnap Hoss and Joe, she still sticks with him.


Joe's friend Dolly Kincaid rebels against her authoritarian father, a sheriff, and runs off with the charming Vince Dagen. She's blissfully unaware that Vince is a criminal and she's involved with a dangerous crowd. Joe fears for Dolly's safety, so he hops on his horse to catch up with the couple.

Cast and CharactersEdit

The Cartwrights




Did you know?Edit

  • German episode title: "Die Wolfsjagd", meaning "Wolf Hunting".
  • It is mentioned during this episode that Joe and Dolly went to school together.


"Pa, how did you ever get involved with this family?"
"I'll never know.
Joe and Ben Cartwright referring to the Cartwright family[src]



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