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Coley Claybourne -

Coley Claybourne was the son of a miner who discovered a mine full of precious minerals, worth a lot of money. After his father died, both his uncle and his mother seek to adopt him. He detests both equally.

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Featured Episode
Season 13, Episode 13: A Home for Jamie—
Ben begins the process to adopt Jamie as his son, but the process is complicated when Jamie's maternal grandfather, Paris Callahan, comes forward wanting custody. Ben must bear the heartbreaking news to Callahan that Jamie has bonded with the Cartwright family.

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Ponderosa 1 Logo
was a television series developed by Bonanza creator David Dortort for PAX-TV (now known as ION) that ran for the 2001–2002 television season. Envisioned as a prequel to the long-running NBC series Bonanza, it had less gunfire, brawling and other traditional western elements than the original. Bonanza creator David Dortort approved PAX TV's decision to hire Beth Sullivan, creator and executive producer of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman to oversee scripts and executive produce, which some believe gave the series a softer edge.

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Bonanza Full Episodes Season 13 Episode 13 - A Home For Jamie-0

Bonanza Full Episodes Season 13 Episode 13 - A Home For Jamie-0

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