Bobby Dan
Biographical information
Full Name: Bobby Dan
Occupation: Spokesman for the town
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: -
Hair color: Fair/Grey
Eye color: Blue
Born: -
Died: -
Family/Relatives: -
Spouse -
Romances/Domestic Partners: -
Children: -
First Episode: Dead Wrong
Last Episode: Dead Wrong
Portrayed by: Eric Christmas

Personal Information Edit

Bobby Dan is best described as a mayor for Sunville, he seems to lead the whole town even though there's a Sheriff. When he believes one of Salty's stories that involve the mistaken identity of Hoss as a bank robber he is instrumental in most of the happenings in town, including asking the town to up the pay for the Sheriff before he leaves, it doesn't work but everyone is prepared to pay more to keep the Sheriff in town. He also rouses the men to go home and get their guns and come back to town to surround the hotel that Hoss and Candy are staying at.

He also hands Salty the Sheriff's badge.

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