"Bonanza" episode
Season 13, Episode 9
Ep.# in Series: 398
Air date November 21, 1971
Guest starring:
Written by John Hawkins and Robert Pirosh
Directed by Lewis Allen
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Will Hewitt is a man with a crime to solve. Blinded in the final battle of the Civil War, he gets Jamie's assistance in tracking down the man who killed his brother.


Civil War veteran Will Hewitt returns to Virginia City, blinded and determined to solve the mystery behind the death of his brother.

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Guest StarsEdit


  • German episode title: "Blinde Jagd", meaning "Blind Hunt".
  • Rip Torn makes his only appearance as Will Hewitt, and Don Knight makes his second appearance as the scheming killer, Clayton, along with the last appearance by Charles Maxwell on Bonanza. Robert Ridgely makes his sixth appearance on the series, as the bartender.



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