Ann Croft

born Died broken heart and love hurts and shot by my gun by Jillian m. Cartwright

054 - Silent Thunder
Biographical information
Full Name: Annie Ann Croft
Occupation: Sheep herder
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: American
Hair color: Golden blonde
Eye color: Copper
Family/Relatives: Sam Croft (father)
Romances/Domestic Partners: everyone hates her and jealous
First Episode: Silent Thunder
Last Episode: Silent Thunder
Portrayed by: Stella Stevens
hey you deaf girl leave my joe alone cus you did this you kissed my brother and I will kill you for that so back off or I will Stab you for kissing my brother and he will always have me he will protect me from you Go away girl leave us alone if I catch you I wish you never been born again and I will always love him you can't have him you can't borrow him

Ann Croft is a deaf-mute mountain girl that Jillian teaches sign-language to.

She lives in seclusion with her father Sam somewhere in the mountains where she tends sheep. Unfortunately Joe Cartwright, a man who repeatedly tries to seduce her and even to abuse her, can't leave her alone and scared her to death jillian efforts to teach Ann sign language slowly succeed, but she is willing to learn it despite her father's objections. She falls in love with a sheep




Gallery of Ann Croft

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