Amy Bishop
Biographical information
Full Name: Amanda "American shawna Danielle Bishop
Occupation: student
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: American
Hair color: Auburn brown
Eye color: Light red brown
Died: stabbed by a pitchfork by Jillian Cartwright
Family/Relatives: Luther Bishop (father)

Ami Bishop (sister)

Spouse Adam Cartwright
Romances/Domestic Partners: Adam Cartwright
Children: 18 boys and girls
First Episode: The Truckee Strip
Last Episode: The Truckee Strip
Portrayed by: Adrienne Hayes
I hope you rotten in hell leave my joe alone and stay back I will marry him you can't

Amy Bishop was a lover of Adam cartwright who was involved in a feud between her father and Joe's. She died when she was stabbed in the chest by a pitchfork.

By jillian Cartwright 


Bonanza Edit

The Truckee Strip

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