Adrienne Hayes
Biographical information
Full Name
Occupation Actress
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Hair color Black
Eye color Hazel
Died 1860's
Family Luther Bishop
Spouse Little Joe Cartwright (briefly)
Series Bonanza
Episode appearances: The Truckee Strip
First Episode The Truckee Strip
Last Episode The Truckee Strip
Character played: Amy Bishop

Adrienne Hayes starred as Amy Bishop in Bonanza in 1959.

Year Title Role Notes
1959 The Truckee Strip Amy Bishop Only Role


It appears that she was born in New Zealand on October 6, 1937, travelled to England in 1958, and would have been 26 during the "Truckee" episode.  There is an obituary for her In the New Zealand Tribune for 15 October 2011, at Waikato Hospital. It seems she had a sister Lynette who may still be alive in December, 2012.

She appeared to have a struggling career until 1967; one small part in 1977; then off the radar.

Theory 2Edit

She appeared in the Truckee episode when she was about 20; which would make her approximately 73-75 today.  There are two Adrienne Hayes listed as alive in December, 2012.  One lives in Santa Monica, California; the other in Denver, Colorado.

Nothing further information about the actress is known.

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