"Bonanza" episode
Season 12, Episode 2
Placeholder person
Ep.# in Series: 363
Air date 20 September 1970
Guest starring:
Written by D.C Fontana
Directed by William Wiard
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Previous Episode:
The Night Virgina City Died
Next Episode:
The Weary Willies
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Summary: Edit

A young orphaned


boy son of rainmaker named Jamie Hunter comes to Virgina City claiming he can make it rain. Since it hadn't rained in months the town's people, all except Ben believe him and pay him to make it rain. With assistance from Dusty who is currently taking care of Jamie he starts working. When rain doesn't come as predicted Ben must step in and protect the young boy from the angry ranchers and also from the boy's own terror and fatherlessness. Will Ben be able to save Jamie and will they both have faith to go were the Lord leads? Find out in A Matter of Faith.

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