"Bonanza" episode
Season 7, Episode 15
Ep.# in Series: 217
Air date January 2, 1966
Guest starring:
Written by Mort Thaw
Directed by William F. Claxton
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Joe is a lone holdout on the jury that wants to find Terence O'Toole guilty of robbery and murder. Not convinced of the man's guilt, Joe does some investigating of his own.


Joe has to serve jury duty in a matter that involves theft and murder of the Fred Demmer, husband of Molly MacGregor Demmer. Terrence O'Toole is the Irishman who is accused and convicted of the capital crime. Joe makes them go over and over the evidence, but even after the conviction wants to be sure.

Jeb Demmer, the deceased man's son, is heavily gambling right after the trial is over. Joe sees that and it further's the wondering. Molly confronts Jeb about it and he throws back at her that he could tell the sheriff he saw Molly and Terrence together the day his father was killed. Molly says Terrence was an acquaintance from Dublin. Terrance escapes from jail to tell Molly the truth. Joe finds Fred's billfold which was missing on Jeb. So was the wrong man condemned?

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Did you know?Edit

  • The German episode title is: "Zweifel am Todesurteil", meaning "Doubts At The Death Sentence".




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